Genuine Communications: Coaching in Speaking, Moving, Imagining, and Performing

Acting and Singing

Edmund Kean.
Edmund Kean, 1789-1833, English actor known for his portrayals of Shakespeare's tragic characters.

Communicate with vivid images, precise thought, genuine emotion and appropriate gesture.

Private or group coaching.

Working with performers has two main thrusts:

  1. Presence in the Body, Mind and Senses.

    To have power, a performer must be present with intelligence, genuine feeling and rapport. To learn to act, sing or dance is to learn to 'be' in imaginary circumstances. To achieve this, the approach of Genuine Communications is to enhance a student's awareness of their physical, mental and emotional energy; to let all the senses be open; to befriend uncertainty and to let things be as they are. This is presence. It is simple, spontaneous, authentic and compelling to watch. It requires courage, focus and relaxation that must be renewed in each moment.

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  2. Language Skills: Imagining, Listening, Speaking, Communicating.

    The presence work above creates a receptive container for speech that truly communicates.

    The unique approach of Genuine Communications sharpens the student's ability to listen for and speak thoughts and images and also to receive and process speech from others. We hunt ruthlessly for clarity and emotional truth. Do you really know what you're saying at the moment of utterance? When you say the word 'table,' are you evoking its physical reality? Are you really being emotionally genuine or are you 'acting' some conceptualized notion of the way you think things 'should' be? This may seem obvious but it isn't. In the realm of acting and singing (and presentations as well), performers have a strong tendency to make the sounds of words and leave out part of their meaning. This coaching addresses that gap.

    Students are asked to get out of their heads, get comfortable with ambiguity, be true to the text and truly share with an audience. This way of working with words and energy is innovative, challenging, simple and productive for actors and singers at all levels of experience.


    Note for Singers:

    Most singing training focuses on tone production by developing such things as diaphragmatic breathing. This is useful but it is not the whole picture. In the view of Genuine Communications, great tone does not make you a great singer, especially if you are using words. Developing clarity of images and thought will give you more emotional power because it is then clearer what you are being emotional about. With greater clarity and power you will have better tone because pure tone is, by its nature, clear and powerful. Singers are storytellers. To be a great singer, you must bring the language to life and be a great communicator.

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