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Paul Persofsky

Paul Persofsky, president of Genuine Communications, studied acting, voice, and staging at the University of British Columbia and with world-class teachers.

His extensive experience with Alexander Technique (a psychophysical training often used in the performing arts) led him to further explore the nature of spontaneity.

He holds a Certificate in Instructing Adults from George Brown College in Toronto and is an authorized instructor of mindfulness meditation, a nonreligious mind/body awareness technique which fosters presence, confidence, clear perception and the ability to work with emotional energy.

A Personal Message

"The stress of public speaking, performing and just plain living makes it difficult for us to be fully present in our speaking, listening and moving. We are constantly bombarded with sounds and images from various sources which deaden our senses. We worry about paying the bills, about success, relationships and how we are perceived by others. We are a tense society.

"In my work I ask you to slow down and appreciate the richness of your experience. I help you relax, connect to yourself - to your imagination, intelligence and emotions - and share that genuinely with others through speech and gesture.

"I love to learn and grow and I enjoy helping others to do that as well. I look forward to meeting you and assisting you in becoming more personally and professionally successful."

Best Regards...
Paul Persofsky

Unless we develop the self-awareness and listening skills to deal with the exponential growth of information, life will only get more harried, more out of control...Thoughtful wisdom, rather than slowing things down, is actually the accelerator for achieving the fastest speed and the greatest synergy.
John Dalla Costa, Working Wisdom.


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