Genuine Communications: Coaching in Speaking, Moving, Imagining, and Performing
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Presence in Movement

Private Coaching and Workshops.

Genuine Communications offers training in spontaneous movement and expression through the body.

Who is this training for?

Anyone who has an interest in movement as a means of expression and personal growth.

Dancers will find the work interesting because it:

  • Uses a fresh vocabulary to develop spontaneity, presence and stillness.
  • Accesses a rich source of choreography completely beyond the intellect.

But this is not a dance class. Anyone can participate. Everyone works at their own level. It is of no advantage to be graceful, athletic or 'professional'.

Why do this type of work?

Where there is a lack of spontaneity, there is fear. This work grounds you in the present moment and allows you to face those fears and move beyond them. It is healing.

For those in the performing arts (actors, singers and dancers), it is a tool for integrating movement and voice and for developing powerful choreography and presence.

What happens in one of these workshops?

  • Work on presence in body, mind, emotion and the senses.
  • Explore the notion of letting movement 'happen' as opposed to 'doing' it.
  • Experience both the hesitation and freedom of expressing yourself fully.

See also Being and Moving.


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