Genuine Communications: Coaching in Speaking, Moving, Imagining, and Performing

Presentations and Speeches

Albert Einstein presents ideas.
Albert Einstein presents ideas.

Services Available:

  • Private or group coaching.
  • Coming to see you deliver a public presentation or speech and giving you feedback.
  • Video.

Develop Delivery Skills:

  • Make a strong connection to yourself and to your audience.
  • Fully engage your emotions and intellect.
  • Use words with rigorous precision. Paint vivid pictures and elucidate clear ideas.
  • Integrate voice and gesture.
  • Find genuine power in communication.
  • Suitable for any level of ability from novice to professional speaker.

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Writing Effectively:

  • Clarify objectives.
  • Unify structure.
  • Explore ways to make it memorable (repetition, visuals, stories, audience involvement).

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"Effective 2-way communication demands that we capture both content and intent and learn to speak the languages of logic and emotion...Of the two, the language of emotion is far more motivational and powerful...This is why it is so important to listen primarily with our eyes and heart and secondarily with our ears."
Stephen R. Covey, Principle-Centered Leadership.


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