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What does this image mean? Good communicators enjoy wondering about and are comfortable with ambiguity.
What does this image mean?
Good communicators enjoy wondering
and are comfortable with ambiguity.




I'd like to recommend Paul Persofsky's work as trainer of trainers.

You might be Tiger Woods, the best golfer in the world (or close to it!) but Tiger still has a coach. Paul can be your communications coach, to provide a second opinion bringing to the table an actor's sensibility to handling large audiences.

I recently had a major keynote presentation that I wanted to practice. I'd like to think of myself as an experienced presenter, having delivered workshops for over 25 years. But delivering to audiences of over 200 in a theatre setting is a very different experience from a small-group workshop...

Paul helped me develop technique in handling this type of undertaking. He also gave me specific feedback on content, pacing and physical movement during my practice sessions.

I'd recommend Paul as a detail-oriented, focused and sensitive coach, who will professionally and confidentially help you fine-tune that major presentation.
-- Roger H.B. Davies, CEO, Mcluhan & Davies Communications, Inc.

I have benefited from Paul's coaching on occasions when I had to make presentations to large gatherings. Once I wanted to recite a poem. Paul went over it with me line by line, helping me with the interior visualization needed to bring out the power of the poetry and free my voice from the limits of reciting memorized text. In a remarkably short time, he managed to get me to change my habits of many years and release new energy that evening. On another occasion, he coached me before a major speech I gave and provided detailed feedback afterwards. His tips were penetrating, challenging and creative. He is just what is needed in a coach sharp, relentless and humorous."
-- Richard Reoch, President, Shambhala International.

Just a short note to let you know how valuable your communication sessions have been to some of my team.
Most presentation or sales-related sessions focus on skill developments but not sincere communication that includes the pace, loudness etc. that can differentiate how people listen and understand what is said. I believe many organizations could benefit from the skills and awareness you bring to communication.
— Mark Wainberg, Managing Director, Cebra Inc., (a Bank of Montreal company)

Paul helped me in several ways. He helped me improve the organization and delivery of my presentations, so that they had more clarity and impact. His advice was practical and included attention to the smallest details.

In the area of voice and speech, his work is fresh and unique. He helped me connect my words more fully to myself and others, enhancing imagination and relaying more emotion. I recommend his work, which has helped me both professionally and personally. He can help you to be a better communicator, no matter what your level of expertise.
-- Patricia Barbato, President and CEO, COTA Health

I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Paul. He was quick to narrow in on the main areas to work on. His enthusiasm and respectful encouragement allowed me to extend my limits. He is artful, professional and inspirational.
— Morgan Llewellyn, Domestic Violence Coordinator, Women's College Hospital.

Paul has an ability to help you discover and capitalize on the depth of your text. His strength is in helping you to relax and unleash the rich quality of your vocals. He is able to zero in on areas for improvement and select exercises that produce immediate results... I have no hesitation in recommending Paul for work with executives, business professionals and performers. His work with you will produce tangible results.
— Anne Thornley-Brown, corporate trainer.

Working with Paul Persofsky has greatly improved my ability to speak effectively in personal and business situations, whether it be one-on-one or addressing a larger group. His rare ability to recognize when you are 'speaking from the heart' challenges you to communicate in a genuine way. When you speak in this way you become more engaging, thereby allowing for a greater connection with your audience.
— Heather Alinsangan, Research Director, Ipsos-Reid Corporation.

The voice work you did with me has resulted in greater confidence and clarity in my speech.
— Gail Aller-Stead, organizational development consultant.

I was impressed by your expertise and found the breathing techniques and awareness exercises really pertinent to my ability to communicate to an audience... Coaching involves a lot of trust, and your relaxed yet focused manner immediately put me at ease.
— Cathleen Fillmore, speaker & writer.

Boy, was I thankful as I witnessed your style to be wise, patient, most directive, yet so caring and aware. Your skill in getting past the obvious and to the very core was so important to my personal growth... You made me aware of the power of the word – the art and magic of giving the word a sense of life... As a coach and person you are high on my list.
— Dee Preikschas, educator and speaker.


Paul Persofsky provides a wonderful opportunity to explore energy, emotion & structure which gives us a glimpse of our natural spontaneity free from habitual patterns. I found this experience joyfully refreshing. This exploration of vitality is essential for me as a performer as well as being human.
— Carly Wong, dancer.

Working with Paul allowed me to delve more deeply into the theatrical aspects of performance while developing greater clarity... He gave me tools to further explore my current work in progress and which I can apply to future work.
— Andrea Nunn, dancer.


Paul's strength is his ability to quickly assess what is 'not working' in a scene. His eye is highly skilled at picking up what is out of context whether it be word or action. He insists that you 'dare to be boring' and in doing so makes certain that you don't impose anything untruthful into a scene.
I found that I began to trust my intuition more and more as the class progressed. In addition, I became more comfortable with my physical presence on stage...
I believe that my auditions have improved considerably since taking this class and that I have better defined my personal approach to scene study. The other participants in the class felt very similar to how I did. I highly recommend Paul's class to anyone serious about becoming a better actor.
— Alisa Wiegers, actor.

I found your manner very gentle; it was not an intimidating experience to stand up in front of you and try new things. I think you have a wonderful way of associating words and images which helps to clarify thoughts and get ideas across. Working with you would be helpful for anyone who wishes to speak with power, meaning and assertiveness.
— Tara Slone, singer/actor, appeared on Rock Star INXS.

I learned a great deal...The movement exercises opened up a whole new area of exploration for me.
— Jennifer Foster, actor.


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