Genuine Communications: Coaching in Speaking, Moving, Imagining, and Performing


Speaking, Listening, Imagining: The Voice of Leadership and Innovation

Being and Moving

Speaking, Listening, Imagining:
The Voice of Leadership and Innovation


This workshop sharpens your ability to speak, listen and imagine – the fundamental processes of oral communication. Using reading aloud and the telling of a meaningful personal story, you will be asked to: clearly visualize the thoughts you wish to convey, connect to your emotions, and find the right level of effort and sensory awareness to truly share your experience.

What distinguishes this workshop is its attempt to foster both precision and ambiguity – a rigorous attention to clarity of ideas combined with a spacious and truthful emotional energy. The workshop is a place where people can extend their limits - a place to be genuine, take risks and connect to others.

Suitable for all levels of speaking ability, from polished speakers to those who are reluctant about public speaking.

What To Expect

  • Exercises in relaxation, awareness, voice, imagination.
  • Reading poetry or prose to explore how to bring words to life.
  • Speaking a meaningful story from your experience.
  • Small group size which ensures plenty of personal practice and feedback.


This type of training develops you as a leader and innovator. For more details on this and the course content, see Imagination and Communication.

Being and Moving
Exploring Awareness, Spontaneity and Physical Expression

Aware in space.

This workshop explores movement and stillness. It asks you to be fully present to thinking, feeling, sensing and the space around you; allowing movement to have a life of its own – beyond hesitation, negative self-consciousness and the desire to always be ‘doing’ something rather than be still.

Open to all levels of movement ability from novice to professional performer. This is movement awareness practice, not a dance class. Being graceful, athletic or ‘trained’ is of no advantage. Everyone works at their own level and you can’t outgrow the process.

This workshop offers tools for personal and artistic growth. It’s a chance to feel your body, connect to your heart, sense limitations and new possibilities and express yourself through movement and gesture.

What To Expect

  • Exercises to promote awareness of the body moving and being still.
  • Explore the meaning of spontaneity. What does it mean to be truly open to what comes next?
  • Solo movement explorations.
  • Show others what you’re doing and observe their work.
  • Individual feedback and discussion.


  • Be more aware of your body and feelings. Feel centered, grounded.
  • Be more spontaneous in everything you do.
  • Be more physically expressive.
  • Take risks and develop a sense of adventure.
  • Extend your limits. Go beyond habitual responses to hesitation, uncertainty and fear.
  • Develop your ability to be still.

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